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MobiKEY Use Cases

Teachers and Administrators

Portable Ubiquitous Access

Allows teachers and administrative personnel access to their environment from personal computers, mobile devices or school furnished equipment.

Value Proposition

  • All the information remains secure behind the organization’s or school’s firewall.
  • Mitigates risk of compromising course tests or sensitive student information.
  • A “lifestyle” benefit for teachers and staff – no laptop to carry when commuting or travelling.
  • Eliminates or reduces the number of laptops issued by school and the associated cost.
  • Flexible deployment models: physical desktops, desktop pools, static user VMs or integrated out-of-the-box VM pool management.
  • No school supplied software on the end-user device or laptop eliminates the requirement for installing, configuration, administration and support.
  • No risk of introducing malware into enterprise network from end-user devices, including zero day threats.
  • No endpoint security software required – no associated acquisition, administration and support costs.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Allowing employees to use their mobile device of choice enhances productivity and can reduce hardware, maintenance and support costs.

Value Proposition

  • No enterprise data ever resides on the device. Risk of losing sensitive information due to loss or theft is eliminated.
  • No enterprise or government software required on the device, eliminating the requirement for installation, configuration, administration and support of the device.
  • Eliminates legal implications and liability risk resultant from confiscating or altering a user’s personal device or erasing its contents due to a security compromise.
  • Lost or stolen devices can be disabled immediately.
  • No need to license or develop and install mobile versions of applications.
  • No additional MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution required.

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